O’Neill Industrial Corporation has developed a two sided facing for acoustic blankets designed to reduce noise in boat engine compartment and ship engine room by tuning a high frequency absorption side and a low frequency side of the blanket.

These custom made blankets are designed as noise absorbing hull baffles and noise transmission loss bulkhead and ceiling blankets.

Both composites and baffle products are safe, durable, and non-corrosive; and are low flame and smoke rated. The unique feature is waterproof fiberglass used in these blankets and baffles.

PART NUMBER: GW508TF - 2” thick waterproof fiber glassfaced one side with a yarn-reinforced fireretardant

Tedlar and the other side with 1 ½ mil thick aluminized vinyl coated fiberglass cloth.


PART NUMBER: GW254-454NR-GW254TF - 1” thick waterproof fiberglass faced one side with a yarnF reinforced fire retardant Tedlar; 1lb/sqft loaded vinyl noise barrier; and 1” thick waterproof fiberglass faced with 1 ½ mil thick aluminized vinyl coated fiberglass cloth.


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