O'Neill Industrial Corporation was founded in October 1981 in Milford, Connecticut by Justin Thomas O’Neill. The company was initially formed as a proprietorship and two years later it was incorporated in the state of Connecticut.The purpose of the company was to produce materials and systems that would control industrial noise for both original equipment and remedial in-plant markets. In1996, in order to meet the growing need of space, O'Neill Industrial Corporation moved to Durham, Connecticut where it is now located.

Over the years, O'Neill Industrial Corporation refined and streamlined their acoustical product line to meet air frame, marine, compressor, generator and specialty industrial applications, particularly for the original equipment markets.

CAD driven cutting tables, accommodating 5' x 10' sheets of films or composites, and hot nip laminators, bonding vinyl damping sheets with transfer adhesives and bonding multilayer composites of foams and rubber or vinyl sheeting, support our manufacturing processes of custom made products and production acoustical kits. Contract production of vinyl sheeting meets a growing need for noise transmission loss demand.

Our capabilities include heavy industrial sewing, using both long and short arm sewing machines, for fabricating acoustical blankets and tarpaulins.

O'Neill Industrial Corporation has in place a quality system that is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100:2016 revision D. The certificate number is 11743.

O'Neill Industrial Corporation is a prime contractor for the Department of Defense. The FSCM number is 69202.


All date about the products listed in this brochure are based upon tests conducted with specific materials, installed as stated, and tested with conventional instruments under ambient conditions. This information, therefore, may be considered as being indicative of representative properties and characteristics performance obtainable. However, since environmental and/or installation conditions vary, we make no warranty, express or implied, concerning use of these products, nor do we accept responsibility for any misapplication of these products.