AIRFRAME & HEADLINERS – O’Neill Industrial Corp. has been fabricating airframe acoustical blankets for over 30 years. Manufacturing to customers drawings and providing acoustical kits for production lines are strengths O’Neill Industrial Corporation has developed from years of experience.

• Nomex fireblock fabric facing
• Custom sewn parts provided
• Trim panel blankets built for noise absorption &
noise transmission loss
• Velcro or pressure sensitive adhesive backing for
bond to trim panels
• All pieces cut to CAD die less
• Parts made to aerospace drawings

AIRFRAME & BATTINGS –Whether the demand is for: airframe batting noise absorption behind trim panels; extensional damping trim panels; or mass loaded noise barrier blankets, we have the materials, equipment and personnel to meet the need.

• Fireblock noise absorbers
• Tedlar or polyimide film encapsulation of foam
• Custom CAD cut & edge sealed to customer
drawings for kits.
• Velcro or PSA backing for fastening
• High resistance to flame & smoke
• Moisture resistant low density fiberglass or foam
• Thickness range ¼” to 4”


All date about the products listed in this brochure are based upon tests conducted with specific materials, installed as stated, and tested with conventional instruments under ambient conditions. This information, therefore, may be considered as being indicative of representative properties and characteristics performance obtainable. However, since environmental and/or installation conditions vary, we make no warranty, express or implied, concerning use of these products, nor do we accept responsibility for any misapplication of these products.